Student Accommodation Description

The shared apartment for "CDC" Students is 220 m2 and has 3 shared rooms.

All residents are students of the Center of Dance of Catalonia.

All rooms are exterior. There is a cleaning service in rooms and common areas, always with the collaboration of students.

There is a breakfast, lunch and dinner service throughout the duration of the course with timetables adapted to the class schedule.

As for the laundry service, a washing machine and an ironing service are available to residents for personal clothing.

The residence is provided with a 24 hour internet access service wirelessly, which allows you to access the Internet from the rooms or from any other room in the apartment. This service is provided free of charge.

In addition, the residence has terraces, which are to be used exclusively by residents.


General conditions of student accommodation

Payment will be made monthly or quarterly, in advance, within the first five days of each month.

The Rules of Internal Regulation must be complied with.

If a minimum number of residents is not reached, the Residency Directorate may suspend the services, reinstating to each resident the entire amount paid as a deposit.

In the residence there is a person in charge of organization who will take care of cooking and managing the proper functioning of the apartment life.

The price includes: Full Board (Accommodation + Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner.

A washing machine and an ironing service are available to residents for personal clothing. Internet.

The set of sheets and towels will be changed weekly (if the student would like to have more towels she must bring them personally)

Place Reservation in Youth Residence: Reservation rights (deposit): 400 Euros.

The right of reservation of place as a young resident (deposit), will be returned after the end of the stay on June 30.


The stay includes from the 1st of September to the 30th of June. Official holiday periods established by CDC are not included. During these vacation periods the residence will not provide any service to the residents. The monthly payment will be paid in full by the resident in these vacation periods.


The students or their legal tutor in case of being under age, has the obligation to read and accept the regulation of internal regime.



  • To provide accommodation and support to young students.

  • To encourage coexistence under the principles of responsibility, tolerance, freedom and participation.

  • To create an environment which is conducive to the performance of artistic activities in our school.

  • The provision of services will be from September 1 to June 30 (or until the date of termination of the academic activity if it was prior to June 30), excluding vacation periods marked in the school calendar, with reservation of place and custody of belongings by absence of the resident during the vacation periods.

Application deadline

Applications to obtain a place in our accommodation begin on April 17 and all residents (current and new applicants) must be submitted to it through the document provided by the center.

Taking into account that there are few places available, the CDC will prioritize a series of requirements such as: age (priority to minors, main reason for accommodation) remoteness of the parental residence and artistic interest for our center.

Price for the new course: Information in the center.


CDC Accommodation 

The CDC Accommodation is a shared apartment made available to young people who for the reason of studying in our center are forced to stay outside their family home. Just next door with our center, it’s a building of 3 floors, exclusively for our Ballet students.